Business Quotes

” The organizational architecture is really that a centipede walks on hundreds legs and one or two don’t count. So if i lose one or two legs, the process will go on, the organization will go on, the growth will go on. “ – Mukesh Ambani ” Don’t limit yourself, many people limit themselves to … Continue reading

Failure and Success.

Many times we have heard about great success stories like rags to riches, Thomas Edison of failing 2000 times before discovering the light, Donald Trump plummeted into heavy debt before emerging becoming a successful real estate negotiator and so on. So what we as human beings have learned from all these stories told from time … Continue reading

Staying Focus – the key to success.

The most common mistakes all business starters and entrepreneurs does are not staying or sticking to one idea or they keep moving from one to another when the original idea is only half baked and not even grown into an income generator.  This is the worst mistake that entrepreneurs will do by channeling half the … Continue reading

The Entrepreneurs & A Rock Climber – The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur and a rock climber has lots in common. The main equipment of a rock climber, they say rope plays a crucial role in getting and helping the rock climber to get to his point and his destination. A good rope and a quality one will be able to sustain the weight of … Continue reading

Setting An Objective. Setting A Goal. Writing it down Black & White.

Setting  An Objective. Setting a Goal. Writing it down Black & White. Many successful people I’ve read and have encountered with have one thing in common.  They all write down their next plan, their next goal, their next mission, and their next steps and so on. They all do this quite an often whenever there … Continue reading

Starting your own business, do you have what it takes?

There are many young bold and courage’s entrepreneurs starting on their own, leaving the normal comfort 9-5 routine job and making their fortune. But can all of them succeed? Let start with myself.. I do have my own online platform and two more off desk activities that I carry out after official working hours and … Continue reading