Starting your own business, do you have what it takes?

There are many young bold and courage’s entrepreneurs starting on their own, leaving the normal comfort 9-5 routine job and making their fortune. But can all of them succeed? Let start with myself..

I do have my own online platform and two more off desk activities that I carry out after official working hours and during weekends.

Of course there are many challenges and obstacles to ensure all task and plans are carried out as set, as time limitation, tiredness after working almost half of a day period and you have to continue working on your mission the other half, finding the correct business plan when some plan doesn’t work and so on. And I personally feel that there is no shortcut to success. How true it is and definitely, you need to have ‘what it takes’ to make it happen.

I started a business venture first by selling premium toys for the last Christmas in 09, it was my very first actual buy and sell project I executed with my own small capital of less than an thousand dollar. After years of only ‘dreaming’ to have a sort of own business, I decided to make this happen. But this was only an ad hoc project which meant for that period of Christmas season. But let me explain some of the valuable experience I learned and will use for the next coming Christmas season.

Thereafter purchasing a different range of premium toys, my first platform to sell was within my residence area with flyers and promotion at notice boards. To my surprise, it worked. Second, through an associate, I was told that I could sell at the flea market as well, it didn’t work. And finally, when the sales were slow somehow from the latter idea, I found the perfect ideal platforms, which contribute to almost 85 % of my sales, going on line.

And along the way, even without the on line channel which I started off, i came to learn that. Selling at flea market is hard, why reason was I have much more direct bigger competitor just behind me selling the same product and for cheaper price. Secondly, I have to reduce my price as the buyers thought that the items sold at flea market are negotiable, third I need to fork out my space rental fee, which I did not make it back from my sales but rather it was a lost for me. You see, this plan were somehow did not work for me. So I, dropped them. I treated the flea market now as the place to get my ‘supply’ and it did work out.

As Christmas was nearer and the stocks were still there, I decided to list them all at a local trade on line platform. To my surprise, it worked. It was not that easy either as I myself needs to carry out all the job and task from taking orders, packaging and delivering it to the post or directly to the buyer.

The best part was, just after a couple of hours upon listing, I started to receive calls after calls, or some just text their interest on the items I intend to sell. I was excited obviously. But not all the calls or the text messages would turn into an actual buyer, some back out. But 70% of the responders are genuine. I sold almost 85 % of toys through this method. As time pass by, I started to list other related items which I felt no longer useful for me. To my surprise, it worked and I sold them all off and gain a reasonable profit out of it.

Soon after the Christmas project ended, I continue listing the remaining other related items to the said platform and at the same time, I discovered my future big buyers as well. This is good and it encourages me to continue and maintain my pace. I liked what I was doing, but tiredness is one thing. Getting up early to work getting stuck in the jam driving most the time if the office hours’, coming back to home to continue doing my stuff was somehow very tiring. But it was worth it. Believe me, it was some sort of passion energy that keeps you sustaining the long hours of workload and keeping your both feet on track to become the person you want to become.

With the small trading online businesses and the profit margin that I make, it is not that bad after all. This leads me to find more sell able items and products to buy at a cheaper price and sell it online with a reasonable price tag according to market demand for that particular product.

In order to keep the spirit and inspiration alive within me, I started reading. And reading a lots of books, this include few online business magazines, self motivational books, the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book, The Instant Millionaire and The Millionaires Mind authored by Mark Fisher* and countless other books (including the Holy Bible) that keeps me sustain emotionally and mentally to keep fighting and keep the dreams alive day by day.

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