Setting An Objective. Setting A Goal. Writing it down Black & White.

Setting  An Objective. Setting a Goal. Writing it down Black & White.

Many successful people I’ve read and have encountered with have one thing in common.  They all write down their next plan, their next goal, their next mission, and their next steps and so on. They all do this quite an often whenever there is a reason for them to follow through and make it happen whatever the idea or the objective is.

Let me give you a concrete example. I can’t remember how the story goes but once Michael Jackson only won one Grammy award upon a season back in the 80’s. It was told that after that night, he came back home crying and promised himself that he will make the next music to be the best music of all time. Apparently it happened that he wrote down this on his room wall everywhere he could that he will make this happen. Guess what? That’s where Billie Jean came to picture, making the song and music the best song music ever created of all time, and goes he grab all the best award Grammies that he ever aimed for.

So, I’m telling you too, if you want something so badly. Write it down and make a plan, how on earth are you going to achieve that results. You see, there are actually quite a reason, why this point is important. I mean, to write it down on a piece of paper, or rather your journal book.

First, people tend to forget what they want at a time and another at the time. Every day, we all are distracted too much from friends, news, information, colleagues, TV, work and a never ending always something surrounding nature. It is best to, to keep note of our dream desire in that heart and keeping our both feet on track. This also reactively causes us to be aware, what is our mission and ensuring us not to side track from our path to success and journey to ultimate stardom.

Second, writing it down also gives you a sense of guide and you know where you are heading towards. Do not be like an headless zombie, roaming around without a certain target. The best is to get a personal journey diary, so you can look back one day and see how far you have come. No success without sweat and tears, this is confirmed. Every successful man and woman, have gone through a certain period in their life, we never know how arduous their journey were, what they have gone through and all the challenges and blocks. So, get your plan and written and be prepared mentally, spiritually and physically. The journey is long, yet exciting and thought provoking it must.

Written goal is like a back bone to your dreams and ambition, it is like verbal confirmation on a tangible certificate. First, write your goal and your mission plan. Then follow it through..

2 Responses to “Setting An Objective. Setting A Goal. Writing it down Black & White.”
  1. Darren Poke says:

    Nice one.

    I talked about the impact of writing your goals in this post from my blog.

    I really enjoy your posts and am glad to have found your blog!

    Keep it up

  2. Matahari says:

    Thanks Darren + remark, i read yours too. Very inspiring as well… cheers!

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