The Entrepreneurs & A Rock Climber – The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur and a rock climber has lots in common. The main equipment of a rock climber, they say rope plays a crucial role in getting and helping the rock climber to get to his point and his destination. A good rope and a quality one will be able to sustain the weight of a climber but when the rope has worn out, the climber need to replace it with another one.

So as your Mission and Vision is like the climber’s rope role in keeping you on both feet and grounded, while focused getting on your journey. You will struggle and have to fight at times, but this mission and vision, will bring you forth with the fighting spirit knowing your objective to your destiny. At times, you need to protect your mission and vision from external forces, like rejection and objection. So when these two elements are no longer keep you tight hold to your dreams, you need to replace or renew it,  once it has faded or stop glowing inside you with something more bigger and more powerful.

In any climbing, if it’s a solo one. There might be no any gear or equipments will be used to help you get to your point. And when you started your entrepreneurial journey, you are not handed with any these equipments either. In the beginning, you may think you had all the knowledge, information and other sort of things to reach your destination over night or couple of days, but believe me. You will not. The road is arduous and long. It will take some time and at times, you will feel like giving up all together which  you must not no matter what but keep going as there the saying goes like , “there’s always a light at the end of tunnel” so does success and glory, it does not come to you in silver plated. You must earn it. You must fight for it. You must believe in it.

Now your gear and equipments of old have to let go and unlearn those skills that may not and will not serve you as an entrepreneur. This include learning new business creating, strategies to win the race, guided by those who have made it and all tactics to make your business grow and fine retuning your mind set and the greatest gear of all, you mind.

Once become a free entrepreneur fighter, your most important asset the mind plays the most significant role to your future success. You see, along the way you will meet and associates and partners will come and go, but only one relevant item that will stay with you till the end of time, your business is you and no one or anything else.

Honor all those and above all, invest in your self – development, creating an atmosphere that will keep you going and support to your tremendous growth financially, knowledge and confidence in time to come. And you must at all cost remain true to your Mission and Vision, which we earlier discuss about. When you have come to this stage and do this, this is when the road to ultimate success and wealth becomes clearer and things which means for you.

Entrepreneurs are fighters. We daringly venture into where, others may only dream and talk about it and we do it with nothing more than a knowledgeable skill, mental edge and burning desire to achieve the impossible dreams of others and set an example that nothing is impossible.

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