Staying Focus – the key to success.

The most common mistakes all business starters and entrepreneurs does are not staying or sticking to one idea or they keep moving from one to another when the original idea is only half baked and not even grown into an income generator.  This is the worst mistake that entrepreneurs will do by channeling half the source of capital into one and when things are working at first quarter or so, they will move on to another so call great idea and putting off the former.

Running a business at start will always be slow to pick up, unless you have plenty of capital to throw for all sorts of advertisement and marketing. But let’s admit, starting own business with a minimum cost and lower capital will always require one to save as much and strict expenditure control. Let’s say you have already had something up and running. But the income seems to be slow, you may have one or two customers but the sales volume is not hitting as much as you would expect it to be. The ball has started to roll, but too bad it’s rolling at a very slow pace. You will start to think that this is not a good idea like you initially would have thought, wouldn’t you? So, you decided to quit and look for something you think could be better and of course can work.

You are absolutely wrong. This is common, but a disaster mistakes all entrepreneurs and a business starter does. A half boiled egg left and nothing was accomplished either. You will lose out in the end with a more budget cost expenditure and a heartache circumstances.

No one was born with a special skill or pro at some subject in their life. All of us learn through hard work, long hours, pouring sweat and blood and all they could give their life to be who they want to become. Ron Dennis started as a mechanic, he’s the McLaren Chairman now, trough sheer hard work and arduous journey of 44 years, and he builds and achieves a life time award recently.

This goes same for almost all and every successful businessman out there. For an entrepreneur whom strike the first one million in less than a month of year of his business venture, could be either comes from a rich family connections or he must be one out of thousand lucky people in the world. Well, this might well not work for you and for me.

Remember this, Focusing on your main objective and business purposes will eventually will get your there and no matter what business you may be doing, what products you may be selling, no matter how well you are connected, you will struggle in the beginning. It will be as hard as steel and rock, but you must and have to break through all odds and obstacles to make the road to become smoother and clearer. Focus is the key, putting all you can to make it work and finding ways to push it as far as it can.

Definitely, you will face difficulties and tremendous challenge when you are starting up, but staying focus and sticking to your vision and mission will over the time bring your chances and way to up will be better and higher. Simply, the longer you stick to your idea, along the way, you will find the secret way to break whatever code it may have.

May The Force Be With You.

One Response to “Staying Focus – the key to success.”
  1. Quentin Magos says:

    The sharpest point of focus is the one most earned by the man involved.

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