Failure and Success.

Many times we have heard about great success stories like rags to riches, Thomas Edison of failing 2000 times before discovering the light, Donald Trump plummeted into heavy debt before emerging becoming a successful real estate negotiator and so on. So what we as human beings have learned from all these stories told from time to time, again and again? Simple, having failure does not mean you have failed, it is just the matter of not giving up, fighting till the end and finding success the other side of failure.

And being an entrepreneur yourself,  remember that you need to be mentally very strong to accept many many failures and objections along the road before you finally come to the stage where everything has become clear, become more focused and smooth and this is when, you will realize that success has come to you.

The more objection and rejection you get, it should make you become more stronger and more failure  resistant. Do not cry or frown over daily small or big obstacles and challenges, throw yourself to embrace them with courage and determination. Because, with this mentality and practice, you will be able to face far more greater risks and life hurdles with more determined.

For young and bold entrepreneurs, starting your own business is not easy task. The very first obstacle is your mind. Get over the fear feeling, this include fear of leaving comfort or safety zone , where you will loose the monthly paycheck, fear of failing, fear of criticism, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being lost, fear of drowning into the unknown, fear of falling and all the fears that holding you back from reaching out from something which is good to great. When you face all your fears, then the death of fear is certain. Sooner, you will become unstoppable, more sharp in your ambition and goal.

Once you have overcome a few of your fear list, this is when you realize that only you yourself can put a limitation cap onto what you can and what you cannot do. This will lead you to a state, Impossible is Nothing and you can do almost anything to achieve your great dream. But although some of you might fall and tremble, be not worry or indulge in that failure atmosphere for long. Get up and pick yourself up and start walking again…start all over again. As a small child learning to ride the bicycle, you will fall at the beginning. After awhile the road will become more smoother that you expected.

Before i end this chapter, always put into your mind that failure is the very first step before success. So for every success and greatness your aiming, failure is a definite. Unless, you are one in a million lucky person, your first step itself already making great successes and greatness, which i think chances are slim and you better start preparing for the worst to come.

May the force be with you.

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