Perseverance, Determination and Focus.

In this chapter, i would like to share with you all the three fundamental foundation that one need to succeed. Of course there are other elements and characteristic also contributes to success and achievement, but checking reality we all may not be the exact same individualistic character to achieve our goal in one way or … Continue reading

When failing is part of the process.

Often enough everyone wants to be successful and no one wants to be a failure. Every individual wants his or her business venture to be turned out to be successful, far from it starters would want the other way around. But what would you do if Failing is part of the process to be successful … Continue reading

Fast Money vs. Struggle

I just attended an seminar held near my place yesterday. At first i was reluctant to go, but then since it was invited by someone i know not quite close, but relatively i had to show some face. Well, before i went i Google the name of the seminar and the products, i found out … Continue reading

Dogma Of Old Teachings

Dogma, or relatively known more related to religion kind of meaning. What i would like to share here in this article is about the older teachings of how to live your life and the daring to venture into something which is out of comfort zone, exploring into the unknown, and walking onto the path of … Continue reading

What you need to do, when you start your own business.

Before you venture into anything, I mean career wise when you so much want to have your own business empire or what so ever you call, you need to find what’s interests you on a daily basis. Meaning, what would you still be continuing doing even you have a million dollars in your account. This … Continue reading