Dogma Of Old Teachings

Dogma, or relatively known more related to religion kind of meaning. What i would like to share here in this article is about the older teachings of how to live your life and the daring to venture into something which is out of comfort zone, exploring into the unknown, and walking onto the path of new discovery of fortune, wealth, technology, land, service or anything that brings back to the community.

Since we all were born and started to go to school or college, we are all educated in way we are told what to do and memorizing is one of the important factor to pass our examinations at all levels. College also teaches us a little less of what real life is. To say, the education system is not fully providing the information and the skills future generation need is not fair, but what’s missing here is practical hand’s on theory and not only bombarding with tans of information but nothing on skill knowledge or real-life experience .

Many students nowadays are so much given with the home works, where note books and text books are the primarily subject of their core value in education and knowledge. What my point is, actually there is nothing wrong with this, but to break that belief education system to insert more of a knowledge experience something like a practical hand’s on teaching, this current system has to change. Maybe not drastically, but gradually inserting hours of credit that need to be accomplished by each students at a certain level of their education to gain this knowledge and valuable mind developing that can brings forward more maturity to their thinking and decision making.

To face the real world and the actual scenario in one’s life and career advancement, practical experience is also has become more of a crucial factor in determining one’s success and future career advancement.

If you take a closer look at the education system now, you will realize that some subjects are merely taught to be remembered and not to analyze any outcome results from it. This doesn’t work in the real life.

Another belief system embedded into the upbringing of younger generations is, study hard, get good results and come out get a good high paying job. I am sure you have read this at somewhere else. Yes, i have to agree with the book on debating this subject that the whole education system and upbringing have totally opposite site of points with the current traditional way of doing things.

A simple element of teaching certain subjects in certain language also has become a hot debate, when the whole world is centralized with an international language, the locals are still wasting time on debating it is wrong thus reverting back to older way of doing things is still the way not knowing the advance technology and knowledge are taught not in local.

Apart from education, self development and pushing yourself to learn more is also has to be implemented. This relies purely in one’s self. No body can force you or teach you things that you are not willing to learn once you have graduated or leave college. It is all depends on yourself and yes yourself and no one else. You would be lucky, if happens you end up in a very promising job after graduate or get a company that provides you all the tools to learn and gain valuable knowledge before you taking off on your own feet. (unless you want to spend your lifetime being employed and working for someone else)

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