What you need to do, when you start your own business.

Before you venture into anything, I mean career wise when you so much want to have your own business empire or what so ever you call, you need to find what’s interests you on a daily basis. Meaning, what would you still be continuing doing even you have a million dollars in your account. This is the most fundamental basic element that you need before venturing into a business that you would like to do, or I would rather say, doing spending your two third of your lifetime unless you retire early, doing something else. Keep searching for this, do not settle for anything, you will eventually find the work that really will suits your nature, characteristic and something that you would fall in love with.

Second, you need to have a plan. When I say plan, I mean writing in black and white, not only just a plan in your mind that everything will take off like that. You need to have all the strategy and a Master Plan    (or whatever you want to call it) how on earth are you going to make it happen. It’s like a vision or your mind imagination that your will pluck from the air and creating a tangible item or product that represents your business vision.

Followed by a plan, you also need to have a time line, how long you need to achieve all the writing objectives and visions. Without this, you will wander or drift away from daily distractions and other external unnecessary attention that takes away your time, when you actually need to focus and pay attention to your written business plan action and orientation.

And now the very most difficult task where most of the starters will end up, but I wish it is not you. Yes, you the person reading this will do the same, Action. You need the very most above all the rules, well. You need to take the action whatever steps or do it. Some people will think and think their business plan and get paralyze by it by doing nothing, do not let this happen to you. You see anything you want to do, want to achieve; want to conquer will never happen if you don’t take the necessary action plan towards it. And yes, you cannot have a perfect business plan that will 100 % guarantee your success but believe me, don’t get me wrong when I say this but what I mean is visualizing for too long of your business and not taking any action leads to nowhere and you will never ever learn anything but with the necessary action and executing the plan in reality will eventually bring you to the destination you want to reach. But remember, success is not a destination either, but a journey because after you have reached your first destination, you will go after another.

Along the way, you need lots of determination, passion, hard work and never say die attitude to achieve your ultimate goal. You will somehow meet all the obstacles and challenges but do not worry, always remember this, you are fighting for a good cause, always there will be an invisible hand will come to aid when all those hard knocking rocks starts to hit your way to success. Just believe in yourself, when you work with all your heart and soul into something which you believe in, you will never fail, even if you do, never give up. Giving up or surrender should never be an option at all, change or alter your ways when the wind is blowing in a different direction, but stick to your guts and goal all the way. Remember, failing is simply at the border line of success, so if you fall it is only temporary and nor permanent. Do not sit there, keep moving keep walking.

Lastly, I would like to share a quote from a Formula One Team (WILLIAMS F1 Team) that I use to see their bill board in the highway to airport in my place, it goes like this;

Months of work,

Days of preparation,

One chance to succeed… Make It Happen.

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