Fast Money vs. Struggle

I just attended an seminar held near my place yesterday. At first i was reluctant to go, but then since it was invited by someone i know not quite close, but relatively i had to show some face. Well, before i went i Google the name of the seminar and the products, i found out it was a pharmaceutical products and services, i assume it must be a direct selling group just trying to establish their network and make huge sales along the way. Well, it was not… here it goes the story.

I went there early as  i thought i could finish it up early as well and make my way back home,but the case was not. The seminar started quite late. The Introduction of the ” Presentation ” was quite nice and arguably convincing, i was somehow a little inspired and felt nice, but eventually after the Inspiring Introduction Presentation, there come the speaker to give the speech to the audience. The speaker was explaining in details of the company products one by one and this somehow put some parties off, obviously it was boring. To cut the long speech or story short, the speaker was indicating that the future now belongs to those who believe in their products and working long hours is no longer the trend of happy life. Did i say happy life?.. yeah, happy life.

The period of 20 – 30 years of any hard work and struggle now, can be shorten to 2 – 3 years of work and more over, it is not hard work but merely a 2 – 3 hours of work per day. Strange still you can earn up to 6 digits by that and more when there were some presentation slides that have this ‘ Before ‘ and ‘ After ‘ of all members whom have made it, ‘Before’ was when they were riding some old rotten motorbike and ‘After’ is when they are driving a Lamborghini, wow Lambo?..  Ok, let me stop this here and make my stand.

If you ever believe that with that amount of hours ( 2 – 3 ) per day of work and you could earn as that much in less than 3 years, either you could be the lucky one out of millions miraculously made the fortune or platinum gold lady luck has touched you directly onto your forehead with the blessings that luck actually has strikes you.

Nature has thought all of us, and again and again, there is no success if there is no hard work, there is no greatness if there is no ultimate determination, there is no glory if there is no pain and endurance, there is no joy if there is no tears, which all means, good things comes for those whom are willing to wait, those whom are fearlessly fought all their way up, those whom days were covered with darkness and found light at the end of the tunnel and those who patiently worked hard their journey to where they are today . All the results of happiness and greatness only comes after an arduous journey has been accomplished in a certain degree of a man.

In the current world, it has become so much of a norm and trend, that instant gratifications, quick delivery, fast promotions, speed and pace of fastness in everything a human can achieve and have it now kind sort of culture. They have forgotten, that even the Romans took years to build their empire, it took thousand years of revolution of human being to developed all cities and nation, it took centuries to build a first world nation.

Yes, in certain degrees some things can be done and execute it faster than ever. Example Emails, Information, News and things that like that, but success? You decide.

There is no shortcut to it. Struggle is part of the process and believe me, if you do not struggle, you will not learn. If you do not go through the hard process you will not know what to do,when crisis falls into your path. I am not saying this by any chance, but with hard facts and long history of all the successful man and woman whom have gone through miles and distance to achieve great achievement in their life. Take example the founder of Larry and Sergey, they  worked 24/7 for years before they finally found the secret formula of the world’s best on-line search engine. Microsoft founder, the inspiring story which is being told and told again, took years as well before it took off and become a household product.

Struggle and hardship merely grows you, it develops you into a solid fighting machine and basically, after some time of you become immune to it, and the road will become smoother because you will learn all the skills and priceless knowledge that will be your guide to the next journey you undertake.

So, if anyone comes and tell you, that you can make fast money, with easy work.. you’ll know what is that means. The choice is in your hand.

May the force with you.

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