Perseverance, Determination and Focus.

In this chapter, i would like to share with you all the three fundamental foundation that one need to succeed. Of course there are other elements and characteristic also contributes to success and achievement, but checking reality we all may not be the exact same individualistic character to achieve our goal in one way or another. Example, for my people as an traditional way of thinking, one need to be smart enough or a must go to college to succeed and things like that but not all successful people out there are college graduate either, these are my 3 basic need to succeed is a combination of universal basic need that i believe in.

Many people wants to be successful in their business and their venture, but also many people are lazy to work towards their goal and often enough when the first obstacle strikes them, they will give -up for good. Quite often, i hear my friends starts up something they would think that make them rich, maybe rich fast. But after a while, i hear them complaining and grudging about all the work and the things that they hate to do and what’s more accomplishing them. All sorts of excuses and reasons will come into the conversation, why this and that, but never will they ask themselves.. Why Not?

First, as i mentioned and explained my previous posting Failure and Success, it’s not and never will  be an easy task force in anything that you set to accomplish  something is great in your life. It is not rocket science either, it is attainable and achievable by anyone, only if you have the perseverance, determination and focus in details without being distracted on a daily life where majority of people will drift away with other unrelated attentions i.e. FaceBook, Emails, Unproductive Chatting, Irrelevant  Entertainment News & Information i.e. Paris Hilton new boyfriend and so on. Please do not get me wrong, useful information i.e. investment updates, positive and energy producing chat i.e. new ideas and new way of doing things, important emails i.e. self development thoughts and other business related are always mixed in this subject of vast and never ending. So you must know how to differentiate what’s good and what can be later. I said.. Later.

Coming back to perseverance, something which you need to endure some process with lots of determination in order to achieve a goal, will determine what will be the results. You need tans and lots of it, before reaching your destination. But the destination never ends and success is a journey, you will achieve one after another. You can equal the ‘ destination’ with goal. What you want to get or accomplish before taking steps direction to another goal or ‘destination’.

Along the way, you will endure pain and struggle, which these elements are there to make you stronger and make you more immune to future obstacles and challenges. Many would not go through this period, they will either quit or step a back, holding their horses and would think a shorter or bypassing the blocks. This would not work, unless the shorter way is a perfect strategy to win the game, what i mean is more of a legitimate way but sadly many will try use the shortcut to success. This is where many goes wrong and eventually give up thee fight.

As the saying goes, ” Success is for those who hang in there, while the others have given up” , how true that statement representing the law of nature.  You can anyhow, think and strategy to cut short some ways. But this purely depends on the planning and how good you are at your field. But, always remember this, do not try something not approved, i.e. bribe or even sabotaging your opponent. Reason why im saying this is, what goes around, it comes around. It may not be now, but evil deeds will come back haunt you when the time comes. So, holding tight to your dreams and ambition at all cost and enduring the pain and heartache, with all good cause, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We all are living in the most modern world where information at your finger tips and we are all constantly distracted in one way or another in our daily life. Many books Ive read, millionaires and successful people are focused individuals. They tend not to dwell away from their target and will focus on detail manner until they get what they want or what they should be doing.

It is easier said than done, believe me. Focus on a daily basis is not easy, but it is not very hard either. It is difficult but can be done. Repetition – Yes, for some habits and character that we want to build for ourselves and if that habit is something good and for our own development, you need to repeat your mind target to yourself many times in a day. Mark Fisher, the author of The Secrets of A Millionaire Mind, the book that i read for  more than a thousand times, recommend this, every day when you wake up from your sleep, repeat this mantra for at least 20 to 30 times, the more the better.. “ Everyday, in every way, i will get better and better ” or you can convert those saying to ” Today and not tomorrow, i will get this …..( list ) to be done, and nothing shall distract me from doing it.” Sometimes it takes awhile to get use to all this , but it worked well for me.

Remember, Face-booking, chatting and twitters can bring many good things if you put them to proper use and reaping the benefit out of it. But if you merely use them for social time passing purposes, you decide what it makes you and bring value to it. The choice is yours.

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